Alek Dimitrov
Alek Dimitrov
1st Year Bachelor Student
Econometrics and Operations Research
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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About me

Alek Dimitrov | About me
I am a Bachelor studying Econometrics and Operations Research at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Prior to joining Erasmus, I studied at First Private Mathematical Gymnasium, with a focus on mathematics and computer science. I have been competing extensively in mathematics competitions since the 4th grade, regularly ranking among the top 10 of my respective age group.

Research Interests:

Behavioral economics, Statistics, Finance, Investment strategies


Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Economics
Degree Name: International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research
Field Of Study: Econometrics
Study period: 2020 – 2023

First Private Mathematical Gymnasium
Degree Name: High School Diploma
Attended: 2013 – 2020


A huge library of national and international mathematics competitions and their solutions. I have been compiling these problems for over 5 years and combined all of them in this portal. The purpose of the website is to make the valuable resources accessible to all those, who wish to do competitive mathematics in their student years.

Together with my father, we made – A news and rankings portal, which offers information about schools, competitions and ratings, so that people can make well–informed decisions when deciding where they want to study:
• We have ranked most schools based on the average performance of their respective students in the ДЗИ (the mandatory national state exam for 12-th grade students)
• We provide a “prestige rating” of most mathematics competitions. This helps people understand that a “3 problems for 4 hours” competition is a much better show-off of a student’s mathematics and logic skills than a “30 problems for 1 hour” competition
• We provide an individual ranking of the top students in Bulgaria
• We offer a forum with over 8000 publications for questions and information about mathematics and education related material
• We post news with important information about the education system in Bulgaria